Wednesday, June 2, 2010

old habits and a new feeling

So, since beginning this journey forever and a day ago, I have surrendered some of my daily habits in hopes that doing so would grant me my elusive BFP. I lowered my caffeine intake from the get go. I had two diet cokes a day, which added up to around 84mg of caffeine, well below the guideline of 200mg. Well, now I read that for those potentially going through IVF, caffeine should be greatly restricted. So, now I try to only have 82mg a week. I still have one diet coke a day, however, now it is caffeine free. I also just LOVE beer...I used to have one a night. My reading also indicates that alcohol intake should be greatly reduced as well, so now I have one to three drinks a week. And it's not potent beer either, instead I am drinking the uber light stuff with about 2.8% alcohol by volume.

I can deal without caffeinated diet coke and heavier beer, the thing I miss the most? RUNNING! I was kind of a chub during high school and my freshman year in college. A few weeks into my sophomore year I picked up running and just never stopped! Within two months I was running 6 or 7 miles at a time (and I had dropped 20 pounds). In 2006 I ran my first 25k and in 2007 I ran my second. For five solid years I ran at least once a week and most every week I put in at least 20 miles. I felt great about my body and I loved that I was able to run for an hour without stopping. My confidence sky rocketed and my stress level fell. I read that I could run while TTC and even into my pregnancy, so I kept at it. Until last July when my RE said he didn't advise it while using clo.mid. I stopped immediately. I ran once in September and then went on hiatus. Well, yesterday, I went for a walk around my favorite place, a beautiful lake with a sunny walking trail. After a mile and a half I came to my favorite downhill and I decided I just couldn't walk down it, I had to run!! So, I ran down it and continued running for a few minutes. I felt so alive (and a little naughty). I continued this pattern for the rest of the 4.5 miles. Oh it felt so good!!! I miss it. So. much. If we don't do IUI or clo.mid in July, I may run again.

I also went to my hairdresser yesterday...another thing I just LOVE (but I only go every three months because it costs an arm and a leg)! And I got a new cut that I just love! It's the little things in life that keep me going these days :).

On another note, for the past few days (before the running), I have been noticing the strangest feeling in my uterus. I have never had this feeling before. It's almost like a pressure that I can feel in my (TMI WARNING) jay jay. SO ODD!!! Maybe it is a good sign? My ovaries have also been quite sensitive. I have heard of people getting crampy before their BFP, but I haven't heard anything about this. Tomorrow I will be 13dpo and I am breaking out the big guns. I went to the store today and picked up some FRERs. Tomorrow night we are set to go to a baseball game with some friends where there will be $2 beer. If my temp drops I will drink a beer or two. If it is still up, I will test. I have been testing with ICs (internet cheapies) the past few days and they have been BFN, but I know they are not the most sensitive of tests. So, I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. If my temp is down, I will keep the FRERs for our IVF cycle.

If anyone has any input on the odd feeling in my ute, feel free to share your insight!


  1. All I know is that Liz tested with internet tests and they were negative and in the same day tested with a store bought test and it was positive. Needless to say, she called the company and got her money back.

    Here's praying the uterus feelings lead to good things!

    BTW, you sicken me with your running. Can you pass that desire along to me?!?! YOu go girl!

  2. Is there a reason you aren't running while TTC? I stopped, but because I was lazy and then when I was pregnant, decided not to try again. I am thinking of starting again though.

    As far as funny feelings in your uterus... I definitely felt cramping before AND after my BFP... that is totally normal - your uterus stretching and all that. Of course you and I both know that these "symptoms" may or may not be accurate. :-( I also felt like my ovaries and uterus were super tender though too.

    AND - as far as your temp goes... (I am full of advice - hah!)... I wouldn't base being preggo or not preggo on your temps. Mine didn't do anything out of the ordinary when I got my BFP. You can see my chart here if you are curious - Unless you are expecting AF and know they will decrease at 14dpo, it is still possible. I got my BFP using a CBED (the only one in the house) on 10dpo and confirmed it that afternoon with a FRER. Hopefully this month is your month!! Praying for you! :-)

  3. *I mean running while on clomid. :-)

  4. My understand is that exercise is restricted when on stimms like clomid b/c your ovaries will swell on these meds and there is a risk of them twisting (not a good thing). I do not think it has anything to do inplantation. I have been told that it is fine to exercise moderately when off meds. I am a runner too, ran my first half marathon last year, no running or exercise is hard for me. Hang in there.

  5. Yikes. It kind of scares me that my doctor didn't tell me this before going on clomid! I'll have to remember that next time. Hopefully starting again in August (unless I get my rainbow baby before then :-).

  6. I love running, too, and I miss it so much. The upside (if there is an upside) of getting a BFN with IVF #1 was that I could exercise again.

    But, I'm doing IVF #2 and since I'm starting stims in 2 days, I'm back to no running. Sacrifices....

  7. Hi Christine, I'm here from ICLW - we are also MFI, and it is so reassuring to read others stories of perseverance and success.

    I wish I loved running! haha. It must be hard to give that up also. I wonder what the reasoning is?

    I hope that your symptoms are signs of something positive! Take care.