Saturday, June 19, 2010

something is missing!

The hormonal wench that usually takes over my body during my post clo.mid, pre-ovulation waiting period seems to be missing. Seriously, I have not felt moody or irritable these past two weeks and it actually feels kind of weird. I have had some hot flashes (hm, like right now), but none of the "I need to cry every tear I have because I am not friggin pregnant and maybe also yell at MBL for no good reason." I have been, well, back to my normalish self. I've been happy! How did this happen?

I think it can be attributed to eleven days off from work, 9 of which were spent on the most glorious vacation since our honeymoon (which was just over a year and a half ago, but still). We went to Niagara Falls and DC with my parents and my younger (19) sister. And we had a blast!! I have not laughed so hard or had so much fun in so long! I did see a gamut of pregnant women, all of whom stirred up belly envy, but did not cause me to have a public (or private) breakdown over IF. On the plane yesterday, MBL turned to me and said, "Next year we should vacation for two weeks." The last few nights, before bed, he emphasized how much fun he was having and how great it was to travel with my family (whom I adore). It was so wonderful to see him so happy. So, we started talking about where we would like to go next summer and I couldn't help but picturing a baby carrier strapped to MBL's front. We're thinking San Diego. With or without the baby carrier, but hopefully with at least some semblance of a baby bump.

I only wish I had taken off work this weekend. We could have stayed until Thursday that way...oh, hindsight! I am just relieved to find that MBL is still the man I married and, more importantly, that I am still the woman he married. Who knows maybe this IUI will the one simply because it was post vacation and I will be about as relaxed as humanly possible (but, please note that I am in no way suggesting that relaxing=pregnancy). I just think it will be good for us to head into the TWW refreshed and happy.

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