the basics of me

Here are the basics:

I am 27.
My husband (referred to here as MBL-My Big Love) is 35.
I have a Master's in Counseling.
I am infertile.
Infertility sucks.
Our daughter (Piper) is the result of IVF #2.
We are anxiously awaiting baby #2's arrival in May 2013.
We want 3-4 kids total.
I love being a mommy more than I could have possibly imagined.
I had a csection due to Piper being breech.
I have been drinking the kool-aid and now think I want to VBAC the next.
I can totally be a hypocrite (see the fact above).
I hate talking on the phone, but I work at a job where that's what I do for 90% of my job.
I suffered from post-partum anxiety, most likely due to our IF. I learned to love a little blue pill (
I love to cook and am learning to embrace the slow cooker.
I'm a runner.  It's been the one constant in my adult life.  My goal is to run until 38 weeks.
I want a minivan.
MBL and I currently own two homes (and, no, we're not wealthy).
I met MBL online... We married 6 months after the first email.
I am still totally in love with him.