our TTC timeline

When I visit most IF blogs, I immediately look at what "diagnosis" they are dealing with. To make a long story short, we may or may not actually have a fertility problem. When we first started IF testing MBL had low count, but his most recent analysis came in at 96 million. Now, we think it might be combined/unexplained IF. I don't respond like someone my age "should" to injectables. My antral count may have taken a nosedive, but my labs are still good/okay. But we are infertile, it took 21 months, 5 IUIs, and 2 IVFs to get our BFP/successful pregnancy. We, somehow, managed to achieve a "natural" pregnancy... Baby #2 is due in May 2013.

Here is the more detailed version:

December 27, 2008: Get married and start TTC. I ovulate over our honeymoon. BFN.
January-April: BFN.
May 2009: HSG and clo.mid. Tubes open, uterus normal, and BFN.
June 2009: 50mg clo.mid. BFN.
July 2009: 50mg clo.mid and IUI. BFN.
August & September 2009: 100mg cl.omid and IUI. BFNs.
October 2009: Lap done. One spot of endo. "Cleaned" up. Tried naturally. BFN.
November-December 2009: IVF #1. Long lupron. BFN.
January-February 2010: General pissed offness and trying "naturally". BFN.
March 2010: MBL has varicocele surgery.
April 2010: try "naturally". BFN.
May 2010: 100mg clo.mid and IUI. BFN.
June 2010: 100 mg clo.mid and OPK timed IUI. chemical :(.
July-August 2010: IVF #2 at clinic in Chi.cago. Long lupron. BFP!!!!
May 25, 2011: Piper June is born 2 days late via csection due to breech presentation (pito.cin was started and my water was broken before they realized she was breech). Bliss ensues.
July 2011: start having anxiety attacks and am put on zo.loft.
November 2011: Officially wean Piper to get AF back. Also wean off the zol.oft.
December 2011: have AF, but whacked out LP. Repeat day 3 labs. AMH: 1.0, FSH: 7.4, E2: 13, LH: 12, AFC: 11. My antral follicle count has dropped significantly. Told to not waste our time.
January 2012: First "real" PPAF. Clo.mid 50mg and frozen spe.rm IUI (only 1.5 million motile post wash) due to MBL being out of the country. chemical (positives for 2 days, then negative).
February 2012: IUI #2 for #2. Respond VERY well to clomid/injects and end up with 4-5 follicles. Post wash count of 14 million. VERY hopeful. POSITIVE (on 3 tests) at 12dpo... AF starts 3 hours later :(.
February 27, 2012: Start BCPs for IVF #3 (#1 for #2).
March 13, 2012: pre-IVF hysteroscopy reveals polyps. Allow the RE to "scrape" them out with no anaesthesia/pain meds.
March 14, 2012: Start lupron, 10 units.
March 19, 2012: AF arrives!
March 21, 2012: Baseline scan. Possible low antral count (nurse says 8). Estradiol, LH, and progesterone all look good!
March 24, 2012: Start stims!! Come on eggies!
April 4, 2012: Egg retrieval. 12 eggs retrieved, 8 were mature.
April 5, 2012: All 8 eggs fertilized with ICSI, we are headed for a five day transfer!!
April 9, 2012: Go in to pick up our embies! We find out all 8 were growing on day three, but since then, 7 have died. We have 1 compacted morula for transfer. I cry in the recovery room.
April 19, 2012: Local lab loses our results for a while, so just for funsies, it takes an extra day before I get the official "you're definitely not pregnant". Grief ensues.
May/June/July 2012: We make some lifestyle changes in hopes of getting healthier. I decide to train for a half marathon. I diligently stick to my training schedule. By the time I run the race on July 22nd, I've lost all but 3 pounds of my IVF/IF weight and I feel AWESOME. We try on our own during this time.
August 2012: We fly to Colo.rado for our one day workup at CC.RM. We're ready for #2 and want the big guns to make it happen. Preliminary results show that the issue is likely my falling ovarian reserve (although I still have a decent antral count). We wait for AF to come so we can redo day 3 testing...
September 3, 2012: We get our SHOCKER, "natural" BFP at 10 dpo. Pee sticks over the next few days show good progression. Betas are 117 at 12dpo and 423 at 14dpo, respectively.
November 2, 2012: NT scan/bloodwork come back negative for all trisomies. Baby is measuring right on track for a due date of May 13, 2013. Unbelievable.
November 22, 2012: Early gender ultrasound reveals that we are expecting a baby BOY!
December 10/17, 2012: Ultrasounds at 18&19 weeks reveal borderline low fluid (measures 9cm, normal is over 10, anything under 8 is worrisome). Lots of panic.
December 28, 2012: Detailed level II ultrasound at the MFM office shows a perfectly healthy little boy measuring spot on for my due date and a normal fluid level of 11cm. He weighs 13oz and is 10.5 inches long. I breathe a sigh of relief (but continue to guzzle a gallon of water a day).