Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the fulfillment of my dreams

So, I am currently visiting the Washington DC area. We have been here since Saturday and MBL and I leave Friday. Today we went to Mou.nt Ver.non. I had been there once before, but 3 of the people in our group had not. It was nice to go back and take it all in again! And even though the place was beautiful, my highlight of the day has nothing to do with anything historical. Instead, the sweetest thing I saw all day was a mom with her four kids (all dressed in the same color), touring the property. She had two girls and two boys, exactly what MBL and I would like to have (in my dream world where everything works out how I want it to). The kids were outrageously well behaved and their mom reacted to everything in stride. She did not once yell at them when they wandered away and when she nicely asked them to return to her side, they would do so. And, I should mention that the kids were young, like between 3 and 7. I always like it when I get to witness good parenting and in this case, while I was a tad bit jealous, I was mostly glad that this mom appeared to really appreciate the gifts she had been given in her four children.

And, that brings me to...why are they so many stinkin' preggos here??? Seriously they are EVERYWHERE!!! Ugh. I have belly lust. I want a big ole preggo belly. BAD. Sometimes (ok, a lot of time), I get scared that because I can't picture myself pregnant, that means that it won't happen for me. But, then I think back to how I couldn't imagine getting married or working in a "real" job and I have done both of those things despite my limited forsight. So, perhaps this is like that? I will say that part of me thinks that just to spite me, MBL and I will get preggo from this IUI because we will have spent the last 10 days beforehand on vacation and then everyone will be able to say that it is because I was relaxed that it worked out.

Our vacation has been extraordinarily wonderful. MBL and I have really had a chance to reconnect and enjoy being together again without the worries of work or our house hanging over our heads. I'm sad to return to reality on Friday.

For now, I'm just relishing in the last two days of our trip!

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