Wednesday, September 29, 2010

panic! in my uterus!

Well, friends, this morning I woke up to every scared preggos worst nightmare...spotting! UGH. Granted, it has been brown all day and not clotty, but still! I was *so* certain that I would get through this without spotting, but, no, I'm a spotter. So, I panicked and thought about calling in to work, but decided to just carry on and roll with it. I called my OB's office and told them what was happening, they spoke with the nurse and the doctor and told me to come in for an ultrasound. We had just had one on Friday so I was nervous about what they would/would not be able to see after such a short period of time in between. At 2:00 MBL and I went in for our second ultrasound in five days. Turns out I have an implantation bleed. The tech told me that it is very small, about 1cm, and that they usually dissolve on their own. Apparently this bleed was not visible last Friday. So, yay, a reason for the spotting! We also got to see the baby again and this time it had a heartbeat.

We are not doing high fives or cartwheels yet. The heartrate was 92bpm. I was measuring at 5w6d. I am supposedly 6w2d. The tech told us the measurements being wrong are not a big deal at this point and that they only start to get worried if I get behind by more than a week. The tech last week told us that depending on the angle/clarity they could easily be off by 2 days in either direction, so I'm not panicking about the measurement. But the heartrate? It's low. Even the tech said it was low. BUT (and I consider this a big, important BUT), there is a window of time where a heartrate of 92bpm is perfectly normal. The tech also shared this with us. There is no way to tell if I am in this window of "normal". I was SOOOO scared of this. I came back to work and googl.ed my way through the afternoon. Several reputable sites (including the Ameri.can Associ.ation) agree that at 6 weeks a normal fetal heart rate is between 90-110bpm. According to that I am on the low side of normal. I also found a study where they compared early fetal heart rates with miscarriage and they said that a heart rate of 92bpm is borderline. Their study suggests I have an 83% chance of carrying this pregnancy to term. I will speak with my doctor tomorrow and make sure that I'm not filling my head with sunshine and rainbows when I shouldn't be.

Also, I have officially been put on complete pelvic rest. No romantic relations, no running around, no standing on my feet for hours, and no carrying laundry up and down the stairs. The tech isn't even sure I'll be able to travel this weekend. Tonight we were supposed to go and check out the art festival going on around here with our small group, but now I can't. I have to laze around my house. Regardless of whether or not we are headed to Chicago on Friday, we will go for another ultrasound check at that point. I have an order from my RE, so I can go here in town or there at their office. I'm hoping that at that point the HB is close to 100bpm.

What hope am I clinging to? The fact that I'm still feeling sick! YAY?? And it is definitely not morning sickness--more like, you will feel nauseous and gaggy nearly all day sickness. I have heard it's a good sign to be sick, I'm hoping so. I'm also grateful that my spotting is only brown and not very heavy.

Finally, if y'all could send me your good thoughts and prayers, I would really appreciate it. I feel like I'm in such limbo with this and I just want this baby to grow!!


  1. You definitely have my thoughts and prayers sweetie, and I am praying growth picks up. The size measurements are not a given. I hope the u/s Friday looks better and I will be on pins and needles waiting to hear. HUGS.

  2. Praying for you sweetie.

    I will share my positive story with you... I spotted my ENTIRE pregnancy until 10 weeks. The first time it was due to an implantation bleed (clot) that was making its way out. By my 8w ultrasound it was gone - so praying the same for you.

    And the fact that you were able to get a heartrate at all this early is a great sign. Many times you can't get one until 6.5-7 weeks. And I have heard many stories of women who had low first heartrates. Your little one's heart is just starting so it is to be expected. :-) And for the record - when I had my miscarriage, at 6w2d I never saw a heartrate... it is a GREAT sign that you were able to pick it up!!

    Also - if you need to talk to someone about pelvic rest, I was also unable to do anything or have any romantic time with DH until 12 weeks! You can get through it!

    Anyway... that turned into a novel. Just wanted to say you are in my prayers and I can understand early pregnancy fears if you ever want to chat. :-)

  3. holding you in my thoughts. Enjoy the rest!

  4. sending good thoughts to you, it's okay to be worried, but keep your thoughts positive for your little one!

  5. Sending you so many prayers and positive vibes!!! I second Foxy, enjoy the rest!!! Keeping you in my thoughts!!!

  6. Sending many T&P and good vibes. I hope that your little bean is OK and just growing! Keep us updated and rest up!!

  7. Sending all my thoughts and love your way. I really hope this issue resolves on its own, as most seem to. Regardless, it is really scary and plays with your head. Please keep us posted and take care of yourself and that little bean.
    Thinking of you....