Thursday, September 16, 2010

things that make me nervous...

Top of this list right now? Phone calls from my RE's office when I am waiting for beta #2!! I won't make you sit throught too much of a post before giving you the results, but I do need to give some background on why I was so anxious. So, this morning MBL and I got up early (even though it was my morning to sleep in) and went to the lab at the hospital so that my bloodwork would for sure be done today. We were in the drawing room by 8:00am, I got poked twice because the phlebo.tomy student couldn't find my vein (this happens to me a lot). I had written on my lab sheet that the results were needed by noon and even double checked with the lab manager that they would get done. I waited and waited before my internship for the call. And, nothing. So, I went to my internship and tried to pretend that I was interested in what my supervisor was sharing with me. I, of course, didn't get any reception in the office and sometimes my voicemail doesn't work, so I was getting even more worked up. Long story short, I called the clinic and they didn't have my labs yet (2 hours past noon), I called the lab and they tried to tell me they didn't have the fax number (they sure as heck did!), then I called my clinic an hour later and they still didn't have the labs. Blech. Finally, at 3:30 my clinic called, but I couldn't answer. I had to wait until 4:00 to call them back...the half hour in between calls was KILLER.

I was so scared they were going to tell me it dropped or didn't rise enough, but I was pleasantly surprised!! YAY! My beta at 17dpo (14dp3dt) is 506!!!! Woop woop. My HCG is doubling every 32.31 hours and in 72 hours it quintupled! My progesterone looked good, it went up to 38. Now I'm in a whole new ultrasound is two weeks from today. GAH! I may be able to release some of my anxiety after that!

By the way, thank you so much for all of the congratulations, they have meant SO much to me! All of you girls are in my thoughts and prayers, especially those still waiting for your BFPs! Hoping beyond hope for all of you!


  1. Those numbers are way higher than mine were! Awesome news!! Stupid lab.

  2. Fantastic! This is a great predictor of success. But now you have a loooong wait until the ultrasound, with very little evidence that you are actually pregnant. I hope the time goes fast and that you are soon looking at tiny beating heart(s).

  3. Wonderful news! CONGRATULATIONS! Those 2 weeks are going to go so slow, you now have a whole new 2WW to get through. I hope it goes super fast!

  4. Oh so happy for you!!! Congrats!!! :-D