Saturday, August 14, 2010

well at least that got their attention

For a little background, we are insured through MBL's employer. Their insurance has been fine-ish. Nothing amazing, but nothing too bad either... Until the new fiscal year started. And I am pissed (but, what else is new?). You see last year after our failed IVF, MBL and I sat down and wrote a letter to his company asking them to add infertility coverage to their insurance. We live in a non-mandated state so they cover nothing beyond diagnostics. Well, the message got all the way up to one of the head honchos of the company who gave us a politically correct response of, "Blah Blah... We will have to see how the market is trending at the start of the new fiscal year, but we will take this into consideration." Obviously all she considered was the size of her income because not only did they fail to offer any sort of IF coverage, but they jacked up our prices and added a deductible. And by jacked up, I mean DOUBLED the cost to go to both a PCP (now $40/visit) and did the same for specialists (now $50/visit). When I verified that we do indeed now have a deductible of $500 per person and a $2000 family maximum, I texted MBL and let him know how upset I was over this and how much I think his company is screwing us. Well, he happened to be in a meeting with the head honcho of his department and his boss and yet he decided to read the text out loud to them. Verbatim. They probably think I'm some sort of crazy person, but I don't care. MBL then proceeded to say, "Did you know this well known competitor of ours offers IF coverage?" To which the other two men responded, "Does your wife work there?" And then MBL retorted, "Neither of us work there... YET." This got their attention. And they were all like, "You can't leave us!!" You see, I'm not trying to brag (okay, maybe a little bit), but my husband happens to be VERY good at his job. Like VERY good. He has worked with his company for ten years and has undoubtedly saved them millions of dollars (no exaggeration) by automating processes and, well, just being a darn good employee. When MBL and his boss discussed a raise, MBL mentioned what we were going through and that the company does not pay for any of it and his boss promised to take that under consideration. Now that his boss and his boss' boss know about what a financial strain their crappy health insurance is having on us, I hope they reward MBL with a nice raise in October. Otherwise, we may just have to consider moving to where we can get better coverage... Maybe. But, hey, at least he got their attention on the matter!! And, I have to say, I am way impressed (again) with MBL's openness in regards to our IF.


  1. He is kicking some IF ass!! Both of you! Which reminds me that I need to bitch out our HR department about our coverage. Give your hubby a high 5 for me! Both of you!

  2. That would be wonderful! I work for the school district and apparently they see nothing wrong with men and women who educate thousands of other people's kids but can't afford to have any of their own. I guess they don't see the irony... Good luck in your fight!

  3. That is amazing that you and your husband have been so vocal with his empolyer. I hope they listen and compensate your husband for a job well done and get that additional fertility policy so that others at that company could benefit.
    Just a thought, I live in a non mandated state as well. I was able to apply for a state grant that covered part of two IVF cycles (we paid $13,000 for something that should have cost $30,000). I am not sure if this exists where you live, but it might be worth looking into. I live in NY in case there any people out there living there, i am happy to provide info.

  4. Go MBL!
    That's awesome!
    I'm really impressed by both of you.
    (And go MBL for making himself indispensable at work to be in a position to take that stance.)