Monday, August 9, 2010

faked out. again.

My body totally faked me out this morning. The following may be a little TMI...just so you're warned :). Anyways, I woke up and I just felt "wet" down there, I nearly lept out of bed! I thought, "YAY AF is here!!". I skipped gleefully into the bathroom only to discover that, no, she was not here. Ridiculous. To say I'm upset would be the understatement of the year. I have to call the clinic and tell them that she has not arrived yet. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure. I am so afraid of what they might say. I have a feeling that she'll probably be here later today or early tomorrow, but because I can't foresee the future, I have no guarantee of that. Ugh. I am so upset I could cry. Today is day 32. What the heck??

Now on to something more than me feeling sorry for myself. A few people asked if I did acupuncture. My last cycle I went to three sessions, and quite honestly, I did not find it relaxing in the slightest. I thought it was uncomfortable that I couldn't move without the needles aching and it was always cold in the room. So, I decided that if I was going to spend $65/session, I would rather get a massage! If the sole point is for increased blood flow and relaxation, then a massage should fit the bill just fine and I won't have to spend money on something that doesn't seem to work for me. I believe in TCM and think that acupuncture is a fantastic thing for IVF patients, it's just not for me.

Oh, and our counseling appointment went well. MBL has agreed to start getting rid of things and getting work done around the house when I am scheduled on the weekends. Plus, my dad is coming down around Labor Day to help out with some of the projects which should help a ton! MBL and I were able to both enjoy our weekend and get some little things done around the house, which was great, so I think we're moving in the right direction! YAY!

Now if only that darn hag would rear her ugly head, then I'd be just about happy... Please feel free to send all AF vibes my way.


  1. For this one and only time I will hope that AF comes. Next month I will hope for a BFP!

  2. AF vibes headed your way. Tell that bitch to kick it into high gear!

  3. I hate the AF fake out. So glad that therapy sessions are going well. Good luck with your massage appts, sounds fabulous to me.

  4. Ugh I totally have AF fake outs all the stinkin time! Its miserable! Who would have thought we'd ever been begging and wishing for her! Yet again, I feel ya. Mine is still MIA and I don't think she's coming, at all. Which sucks because like you I had plans and schedules which relied on her showing up by now! When you're arrives will you ask her to send a message to mine to come on by to?!

    Also, happy to hear a non glowing report on acupuncture. I'm terrified on needles (the thought of the Ovidrel sitting in my fridge creeps me out, much less having to use it *shudder*) so its nice to hear acupuncture may not be every IFers cup of tea!

  5. Seeing as I'm praying for NO AF this week, I will send all her vibes willingly your way, as will all of the other 2ww babes :) HUGS