Saturday, August 7, 2010

want AF. NOW.

Ladies, I am on day 11 of 10 units of lup.ron. I am 15dpo and on day 30 of my cycle. The only time I have ever had a luteal phase longer that 16 days is when I've been on clo.mid. AF still has not shown. Technically speaking, she still has until Monday to show up and be on time (cycle day wise), but because my luteal phase usually isn't this long I'm beginning to panic. Our last IVF cycle they did something really weird and had me start lu.pron on cycle day 3 taking 20 units daily. It took me 25 days at that dose before I got AF. Granted, she was still on time, coming on cycle day 28. Our current RE thinks they did a poor job of my protocol and was not worried at all about putting me on lupron again. I, on the other hand, am terrified. Especially because she is now taking her sweet time getting here. MBL and I have (non)babydanced (more than once) in hopes that would entice her arrival, but, no. I'm really hoping she gets here by Monday so that I don't have to call the clinic and tell them that I am a failure at taking lu.pron. I just don't want this cycle delayed/rescheduled. GAH!!! Has anyone else ever had this happen?? Does lu.pron normally delay AF? Help a crazy girl out! (please).


  1. I went on Lupron in conjuntion with BCP, and was only on it solo for 10 days, and AF started 3 days after I stopped the BCP, as expected. And it was the lightest AF EVER, but none of us are the same, and I totally don't have cycles like you do, so I don't know what to tell you :( I hope she shows!

  2. I haven't used Lupron so I can't tell ya, but I can totally commiserate. Finished 10 days of Prometrium 11 days ago which should have started AF within 2 weeks, 2 weeks, day 14 is Wednesday and no freakin sign of her! It SOOOOOOOO frustrating - like you, I don't want everything to get rescheduled and messed up! Sending prayers that she starts today!! I'm hoping they just want to make a dramatic entrance ;) Been thinkin about ya!!