Thursday, August 5, 2010

an awkward moment and a little bit of panic

So, I just started a new job in March. It was a serious answer to prayer as I had been nannying for 9 months and barely making any money despite the fact that I was working my tail off. Plus, this position is in my field and will get me "in" at a large mental health organization is the area (and as I will be done with my Master's come May, this is a great opportunity). Anyways, being new to the organization and having a male for a supervisor I wasn't sure how to handle the whole egg retrieval/transfer need last minute time off thing. Especially since it's pretty obvious that my male supervisor is a fertile (first kid at 22, second at 24...). Anyways, so I emailed him a few weeks ago and let him know that I would need to have some time off in August for a "medical procedure." I told him I wouldn't know when exactly I would need the time off until the beginning/middle of August. He and I hadn't really worked together since I had sent that email, so on Monday when we were in the office together he says something about letting him know when I will need the time off as soon as I know. Not wanting him to think I'm going to be gone too long and to make sure that I get the last minute time off I mention that the reason I won't know too far in advance is because it's a "female procedure". He immediately makes a face and asks me to share nothing else and then informs me that he "read between the lines" and figured that was the case. He explains that he is easily grossed out. I'm kind of glad I made him feel awkward. That means that he is less likely to give me a hard time about needing the time off and will likely leave me alone (i.e. not ask me any questions).

p.s. AF still has not arrived. My lower BBT suggests that she will be here soon, but I'm really anxious for her arrival. Hopefully she gets here later today or tomorrow!

On another note, I'm in a bit of panic about things around our house. You see MBL bought the house 6 years ago when he was sad and single. He immediately tore it apart and has yet to put it all back together. We have finished the living room (almost) and were going to paint our bedroom when MBL discovered a water leak. So, he had to tear down the drywall and put it back together. Our basement is still completely unfinished, despite the fact that when MBL bought the house it was finished. Our two "extra" rooms are a complete disaster. One of them has a bunch of junk in it and the other has miscellaneous furniture and my clothing in it. As we are nearing the egg retrieval/transfer portion of this IVF cycle and the possibility of me actually getting pregnant, I am beginning to panic. There is so much to be done and I cannot help with a lot of it. Much of the work requires MBL finishing some of the basic work and then we can do the cosmetic stuff (painting, decorating, reorganizing). We have a counseling appointment tonight, so I plan on bringing this up. The truth is, MBL needs to get a fire lit underneath him so that he actually gets some of this done. I am afraid that if/when I am pregnant, I will be so hormonal and the urge to nest will be so strong that MBL and I will fight more than I would like to (not to mention that I will be working and doing my internship). So, here's to hoping that our appointment tonight is productive and we are able to get on the same page on getting things done!


  1. Oh, man, light that fire. I had a friend whose husband put it all off, similar house issues, and she was ready to kill him for putting it all off and being in a panic about getting it done. Good luck tonight!

  2. Are we twins?! I too am waiting for AF to arrive so we can start our first IUI cycle. The wait is killing me, where is she?! And like you we have a house that needs to be finished. Hubs had a fire under his butt and got a lot done before our wedding last year but since then little things like caulking, trim painting, cleaning haven't been high on his radar list! Share pointers from tonight!!! :)

  3. That conversation sounds so uncomfortable, I am glad you were asked for no additional information. I hate that there is no way to predict these things and always worry that it leaves me looking irresponsible. It sounds like he took the news well.
    Good luck with lighting that fire, that would make me crazy too.

  4. Easily grossed out? Ha! If he only knew. Good. I'm glad he won't be nosy-ing around and asking lots of questions. My boss is also a male and I think he was dying to know why I had so many appointments this spring, but will never ask. I'm sure he assumes it's a female thing. That's one great reason to have a male boss, I guess! Fingers crossed that AF shows soon so this cycle can get underway!

  5. My male boss didn't ask a single question about my time off requests last spring. Which is great but I kind of wonder what he was thinking the whole time - especially since it didn't work so he can't make the connection.

    Does your hubby willing go to counseling with you for IF? I am thinking of signing us up.