Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a completely random post

Warning: in case you couldn't tell from the title of this post, I fully intend on jumping from thought to thought in the following post. Bare with me :).

First, our IVF #2 consult is Thursday and I need to start forming my list of questions for the Doc. I had a pretty extensive list for our failed IVF follow up appointment, but I felt rushed and most of my questions were quickly dismissed. If we are going to invest up to $10,000 ($6,000+ on the treatment and probably close to $3,000 in meds) in another cycle, then I want all of my questions answered. I want to go in knowing we have all the pertinent information and that I did all I could to assist the cycle. Anyone who has had a failed IVF cycle have any pointers on questions I should be sure to ask? I think we may change protocols, but I want to be sure it won't affect our chance for success.

Second, I had a really awesome conversation with my sister last night that really lifted my spirits. Last night she called while out on a walk with my beloved nephews (Rwandan born and adopted) and she was telling me about how great their jogging stroller is and how we should definitely get one for our kids. She also mentioned how she is holding on to the things that my nephews have grown out of, for our use. She brought up our kids more than once and it was just so nice to be reminded that I have every reason to believe that our dream of parenthood will come true. It also showed me that my sister is here to support us in this process. Words cannot express how much this conversation meant to me!

Finally, I am a bit worried about my progesterone levels. This month and last I noticed that my temperatures were lower than they had been previously in my luteal phase. While my BBT did show a nice rise after our IUI, it has not increased that much. And, when I just checked my charts from the past year, I noticed that I tend to rise slowly after ovulating. Should I be worried? At our appointment on Thursday I will be 6dpo, so maybe I should have them test my levels? I don't spot for more than a day before AF (around 13dpo) so I hadn't really considered my progesterone levels before, but now I'm wondering...Any insight would be appreciated!

p.s. Despite writing an email to one of the partners outlining our struggle and the small cost of infertility coverage, MBL found out today that the insurance plan for the next fiscal year does NOT include fertility coverage (meds or treatment). Grrr.

I just have to say this again, I am so thankful for the community of IF bloggers out there! You ladies are awesome!


  1. Good luck on your consult for IVF #2. We're about start our IVF #2 and I know how hard it is to even think about cycling again.

    Good luck!!!

  2. After our first failed cycle in our appointment we discussed changing my meds, doing a day 3 transfer instead of a day 5, freezing on day 3 instead of waiting, if aspirin would help for me and if my RE recommended acupuncture. Good luck at your appointment!

  3. You definitely should keep believing your dream of parenthood will reach fruition :)
    The one thing I did before going into our IVF consult was to research, research, research. I read loads of medical journals and loads of blogs and loads of articles! I probably knew too much random information but it helped me feel prepared.

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  5. I have a couple of friends saving maternity clothes and other baby items for me....their belief that IVF will work for us sometimes wears off on me....and sometimes I think they're counting my chickens before they hatch. LOL. It's great of your sister to move past whatever she was holding onto to move into this supportive position. YAY!!!

  6. Hoping IVF#2 work for you... I have my first IUI this month.:)


  7. You are so right to be adament about getting your questions answered no matter how they might try to rush you through it! It must have been so nice to have someone affirm that you will be parents. That's removes some of the grief cause it will happen!