Thursday, April 8, 2010

my last vice.

Okay, I'm sure it's not actually my last vice, but it sure seems like it. Last night was my appointment with the holistic nutritionist person and overall it went well. The friend who recommended him had forewarned me on some of his quirky diagnostic procedures, so I wasn't too shocked. I was suprised, however, at how intuitive he was. As soon as I wrote down "infertility" under the symptom/concerns section of the intake form he said, "I really don't think the problem is with you." Ding ding. Sadly, MBL is very skeptical of homeopathy and so he didn't go with me, but the HC (holistic counselor) did work up a plan for him even though he wasn't there. Now, I just have to work on getting MBL to follow it! Anyways, so the HC did not seem to think that there were any problems with me. I have clockwork like cycles and he was less concerned about me, but he did say that he could help me be healthier as a whole. He did say, though, that I have to give up my diet coke. I switched to diet caffeine free coke, but he said that the diet part is not really that good for my body. I kind of knew that, but it was MY LAST VICE and I just didn't want to give it up! (now, drinking diet coke is not really the last bad thing I do...I swear on occasion, I lose my temper, I get crabby, I eat marshmallows covered in sugar (yum!)...but overall, I try to treat my body well). I think I will *mostly* give it up. I may order it when I go out, but I am going to try and cut back. He also gave me some ideas on how I can better manage my weight and stress levels. I ordered the herbs he recommended this morning and hopefully I will notice a change once I start taking them. He also told me which I should order for MBL, hopefully I can convince him to take them!

Oh, the HC also told me that I should probably try to relax and that may help me get pregnant. He is the second person this week to tell me that! The other was a fellow IFer. I am trying to be less high strung, but, really? The month we did IVF? I was oh-so-relaxed and it didn't happen! The first few months we tried? Cool as a cucumber. As we wait for these herbs and MBLs Tamo.xifen to kick in, I will try to cool off a bit on all the IF stuff.

Speaking of IF, we're thinking of doing a FET with IUI in June. I'm not even sure that they do that, BUT we have ONE frozen embryo and we don't want to have to continue to pay for it's storage and I'm not willing to donate it...I want to use it! And, the IUI would maximize our chances! I guess this means I have to make an appt with the RE. Boo. I kind of don't miss going to the office. At. All.

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  1. OOOO, giving up Diet Coke is a killer! I don't know if I could quite do that. I give you credit!!! You have much more will power than me! My dentist told me to give it up, and I haven't been able to do it. Apparently I would rather lose all my teeth and drink Diet Coke, than to give it up. It should really be in the DSM-IV as a legit addiction.