Sunday, April 11, 2010

infertility? funny?

I laughed. At my infertility. And? It surprised me! Yesterday MBL and I drove 3ish hours to my sister's house for my nephews' 1st birthday party. Afterwards, I helped my mom clean up the dishes and while we were doing that I mentioned that MBL and I wanted to find a way to honor my dad by perhaps giving our child his first name as their middle name. My mom then mentioned that she *secretly* has been praying that we would name our daughter Grace or use it as a middle name. I said that while I do really love that name, we'll have to see. MBL and I are still pretty stuck on June for our first girls name. MBL then said, "Well, maybe we could name her June Grace." To which I replied, "Actually, I want to name her June Praise-the-Lord-it's-about-freakin-time"!!! I laughed. MBL laughed. My mom laughed. And for the rest of the night when I thought about it, I just had to crack a smile. I made a joke. About infertility. I guess I am making progress afterall! GO ME!!!

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