Monday, May 2, 2011

a few thoughts and an update!

I am 3 weeks from my due date today! That's only 21 days! Wowza. As I near the end of my pregnancy, I thought I would share some thoughts on being pregnant and what I am anticipating for my birth experience. Here it is:

-I have really enjoyed being pregnant. It's been an incredible experience and even though I am now over 9 months pregnant, I still don't feel *that* uncomfortable. Sure I have to get up 2-3 times a night to pee and getting up off the couch makes me feel quite large, but other than that, I feel pretty good! (and, yes, I realize that I am very lucky for that!)
-While I do enjoy being pregnant, I am REALLY looking forward to meeting this little girl! I want to see what her little face looks like! I want to kiss her face, feet, and hands!
-There are two things that bum me out about pregnancy, and, yes, they are totally vain. The first thing is that up until 32 weeks I did not have a single stretchmark. I read that this meant I probably wouldn't get any. WRONG. In the last two weeks, my lower belly has exploded!! I have lots. It's totally worth it, but it still makes me sad. The second thing is that I have put on weight in my thighs/butt. I was hoping to be a belly only person, but the lack of consistent exercise (up until 24 weeks) has meant that my legs are suffering for it. Thankfully I have a closet full of maternity dresses that hide this quite well!! Just like the stretch marks, my thicker legs are totally worth it in the end :).
-As I get closer to actually having to deliver this baby, I have had to decide how I would like things to go. The basic gist of it? Get the baby out safely and soundly, whatever that entails! Really, I am hoping to deliver WITH an epidural and I would like to hold out on getting the drugs until I am 4-5cm. Up until that point, I am planning on walking around and using the birthing ball to help get the baby in prime position.
-Related to that last point, when I was with my mom a few weeks ago I found out that her water broke with her first three pregnancies! Considering that happens in only 10% of pregnant women (before labor starts), I am now planning on it happening to me. Also, bizarrely enough, with two of those she had to be induced because labor didn't start after her water broke. And she still had births! I'm hoping that if I need to be induced, I have the same fate!
-I just started packing my hospital bag. It seems so surreal that I actually need to be ready for her arrival!

So, as it turns out, the positive results my mom had from induction might end up being very important to me. In the last two weeks, my picture perfect, complication free pregnancy has taken an interesting turn. Normally I have incredible blood pressure. My systolic is usually in the low 100s and my diastolic is usually between 50-60. I've even had readings in the 90s. These numbers have continued in my pregnancy, up until recently. Over the last two weeks it's slowly been getting higher. On Friday I was at work and felt really weird so I went to the medical office (conveniently right next door to mine) and took my BP/HR. My BP was 139/85 and my HR was 102!!! I took it again an hour later and it was 135/82 and my HR was 113!!! I called my doc and she told me that I would probably need to be taken off of work (even though I work a desk job) and that I should go in to the hospital if my BP remained elevated over the weekend. Well, it did stay up, but I did not go in. I just wasn't sure what they could do for me. I am planning on waiting for my appointment on Wednesday to speak with the doc about what this means. Even though I rested today and did a whole lot of sitting around, my BP was still high. I'm guessing the doc will take me off of work and have me rest lots until inducing me. From what I've read, they usually like to have you go to 39 weeks, if possible. Now, if I start spilling protein (which I haven't yet), then it may be sooner. All I can say is that having my BP and HR be so high (again, for me) is really scary and makes me feel all sorts of weird. I will probably ask for an ultrasound on Wednesday to make sure the baby is handling all of this well. I really looking foward to getting some answers on Wednesday!


  1. You are so close!

    After I delivered Cate, the nurses told me about a strange phenomenon that happens at all hospitals (so they say). They say if you come in with a written birth plan, they get ready for a C-section. They said 90% of the time, the birth plan goes wrong and C-sections are needed. I had a plan, but thankfully I didn't write it down! :)

    Keep us updated, and keep an eye on that BP!

  2. wishing you love and luck.

  3. You are SUPER close!!

    I too seemed to gain weight in my thighs, because I couldn't exercise my whole pregnancy. BUT - good news is, after about 3-4 weeks postpartum that seemed to go away. Right when I got home I couldn't even pull my pre-preg jeans up my thighs, but I am wearing them today at 5 weeks postpartum. :-) I'm still battling the excess weight and skin, but you are right - it is all worth it!!

    It is sooo good to know what you want in your birth experience! Obviously, mine didn't go as I wanted, but I knew I did all I could to have the birth I wanted, so when I needed the c-section I was okay with it. I used to HATE when people would tell me to be prepared for anything... but it is true. :-)

    ALSO - my BP raised in the last few weeks of pregnancy also, but it never ended up being a concern. I didn't spill protein or have too much swelling or anything. It went right back to normal once he was born. Hopefully the same is true for you!

    Good luck!! I can't wait to read your birth story in the next few weeks!! Odds are you will have a baby in your arms within 4 weeks. :-)

  4. I got a ton of stretch marks at the very end too - all around my belly button. They're fading...slowly but I hear soon I won't be able to really tell. I understand - it sucks!