Sunday, May 22, 2011

something on everything...

I'm feeling a bit all over the place these days. I can't seem to keep my mind focused on anything, and so this post is going to reflect that :). To make it more interesting, I've included lots of pictures.

I mentioned in my last post that MBL and I are going to cloth diaper. We are very lucky to have a local store that stocks new and used products and has lots of tips on how to best use cloth diapers. We stopped there again yesterday to look at their stock of resale cloth diaper covers. We were only able to find one, but here is a picture of the one we bought the last time we were there. It is so cute and I am SOOOO excited to use it!

One thing MBL and I are kind of nervous about with having a baby is our dog. No, we're not worried that our dog won't do well with the baby, we are nervous about the attention we won't be able to give him. He is, after all, our first baby. We got him when I first started to think we might have a problem conceiving. Taking him on walks and seeing how that simple act made him so happy, helped me make it through the months of BFNs. This pregnancy has already meant that he hasn't had as many walks as he deserves (I've had terrible round ligament pain) and that breaks my heart. Poor little guy! I'm hoping that once the baby is here, MBL and I will be able to go for lots of walks! I mean look at this little guy, he's just too cute:

I just hope we are able to give him ample attention, both because he deserves it and because I've heard that dogs sometimes get naughty when a new baby comes along and steals all the attention and I don't want to be mad at the dog all the time!

With just one day left until the baby gets here, I am happy with our preparations for her arrival. Our house is still under contruction (unfinished basement and lots of little projects), but I am happy to say that the baby's room is complete! We were VERY lucky to have my dad here a few weeks ago to help with the finishing touches, like putting in a new window and drywall because we discovered mold and a leak! With all that construction, it meant that I had to wait to put her room together and it felt like it took forever! Thankfully, it's all done and everything is in it's place. In case you're curious, we painted the walls brown and have white trim. There are accents of avocado green in several places to give it a pop of color. It all ties in to the bedding set we chose (gender neutral, because we're hoping we get to use it again):

Finally, I am due tomorrow and I am kind of surprised with how I feel. I have woken up the last four mornings crabby about everything! It feels like I have PMS to the 100th degree. I am so ready to meet this little girl! I want to be the calm, collected, go with the flow 40 week preggo lady, but I am SOOOO not. I have been having contractions since last Saturday and they have been timeable and consistent since Wednesday night and, yet, nothing! Yesterday we even got to the magical 5-1-1 point, but because my contractions were not painful, I was told it was probably best to stay home and wait it out. GAH!!! I think part of why I am so upset is that the contractions are regular and uncomfortable enough that they wake me up/keep me up at night, so I'm not getting the rest I need. When we had our appointment this past Wednesday, our doc told us that if my contractions were consistent we should go to the hospital and she would have them keep us. The only problem with that? Our doc is not on call this weekend, another doc is, and when we talked to him yesterday he was in no rush to get me in. So...we are left waiting and wondering. We have our next appointment with the doc on Tuesday and we've decided that at that point we will schedule an induction. I don't like the fact that I've been having contractions every 5-10 minutes for 5 days at this point. All those contractions mean that I don't feel the baby move as much as I would like (aka as much as would put my mind at ease that all is well in there). I'm very lucky because my OB is beyond understanding. I don't know how, but she gets my fears and doesn't make me feel stupid for being anxious. I would love to go into labor on my own, and there is still time for that, but I just feel like my body is at a stand still and my emotions are out of control. I should be in good condition for an induction, as I am already dilated and effaced and I can only imagine that I've made progress since the last time I was checked (5 days ago), but we will see how things are going in there on Tuesday. Unless of course I start having painful contractions or my water breaks before then....(please, please, please!!!!)

Oh, and just for fun, here is a picture of me from our maternity photo shoot at 35 weeks:

(I love my belly, but I'm so ready to meet the baby who's living inside there!)

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