Monday, October 11, 2010

I feel like I'm a bunch of drama...

So, like I said in my last post, when I went to my appointment on Friday they told me that they recommended I not get an ultrasound because they didn't think my insurance would cover it. They told me that my next ultrasound would be at my 20 week appointment, but to call if my spotting changed at all. Well, this weekend, it seemed like my spotting was slowing down, nearly stopping at one point. I was excited thinking things were finally going to feel "normal" and not have to wear pads all the time. This morning I woke up to dark brown spotting. Darker than it has been and heavier, too. Still all brown, but it scared the poop out of me. I woke MBL up, kind of prepared him for the worst, told my internship supervisor I wouldn't be there (and why), and then waited for my OB office to open. I called the nurses' line right away and basically told them what happened and that I would appreciate it if I could come in for an ultrasound. They were prompt in getting back to me and said that I could come in for an ultrasound, but that my insurance might not cover it. MBL and I talked previously and decided that since our insurance has yet to deny a claim, we were willing to take the risk. Plus, I knew that until I saw that everything was okay, I would be assuming the worst.

They weren't able to get us in until the last appointment of the day, but it was worth the wait to see what I was hoping was still there...a little baby! Measuring exactly 8 weeks with a heartbeat of 157bpm! YAY!


The tech was *so* sweet and when I told her I was self conscious about having to come in again, she said it was their job to be there for me. She assured me I was far from being the most paranoid/annoying patient in the practice. I just hate being so much drama!! But, I feel good about my choice to go in and it was nice to get a peek of the baby. I am now just going to try and believe that everything is going to work out!


  1. so glad all is well. Hang in there!!! I think it is a really good idea to beleive that everything will work out :)

  2. How wonderful. That is the best possible news. Only four more weeks and you're out of the first trimester.

  3. Girl - you are no more drama than you need to be! I was the same way. I have had 5 ultrasounds to date.

    And the bleeding you are describing sounds "normal" to me. I had all kinds of it (fun). But no need to worry unless it is red and period-like. It is great to get checked out though. It took a few weeks before I was numb to the spotting and trusted that I was okay.

    Sooo happy for you and your little gummy baby is super cute. :-)

  4. Glad you got a sneak peak! Happy 8 weeks.

  5. Hey, congratulations!

    Don't worry about being annoying, no one else does lol.