Monday, March 8, 2010

a new disorder: EBS

So, I think that the DSM IV should include a new diagnosis: EBS or Empty Backseat Syndrome. I am sure I would meet the diagnostic requirements for the disorder. You see, late last year my trusty 11 year old car began to poop out on me. It had been having problems for a while, but the breaking point for me was when it would no longer shift from first to second on its own. Instead, I would have to take my foot of the accelerator as if it were manual and then it would shift. Needless to say, it was terrifying to get on the highway as there was no guarantee the car would accelerate when it needed to. So, the hubs and I decided that we would purchase a new (to us) vehicle. I began looking on Craigslist and other websites, comparing brands with the report on quality. Over Thanksgiving, the hubs and my dad went looking for our new (to us) vehicle. They looked primarily at family sized vehicles because, well, we want a family. They found the perfect vehicle. Leather (heated!) seats, enough room for 5 passengers, a spacious trunk, and AWD. So, we bought it! We figured that since we were going through IVF only a month later that surely within a year we would be putting the vehicle to good use. Oh, naivete!! I still love the car, but usually at least once a week I stare at my empty backseat and pray for the day when I will have one (or two!) babies back there babbling at me. And, actually, I occasionally get extraordinary anxiety about whether or not the car will make it to when we have those babies. It seems like a waste of money to have bought a family car without a family to put in it (although our dog enjoys the extra room). I guess I also feel guilty that I am driving a large car when I am usually the only passenger. In the meantime, I am just PRAYING and HOPING that I will find the treatment (pregnancy/babies) to cure my EBS!!!

On another note, the hubs is currently in recovery after his varicocele surgery. He was quite the patient prior to going in. Very high maintenance that one is. Oh, and the moodiness!! He was all, "I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! My head hurts!". The hubs is usually quite content, as a psychology person, it's my personal opinion that it was the anxiety talking. At one point he even said, "can't we do this next week?" Um, no!! We are doing this NOW! Silly, silly boy! We should see improvement in his swimmers starting in here's to a natural BFP!!

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