Thursday, March 18, 2010

I. am. naughty.

So, I was all set to begin my new plan of weight loss and caffeine restriction and holding out on things until I had reached certain goals, but that pretty much went down the toilet (temporarily). It all started on Tuesday. I just NEEDED a diet coke. One with caffeine. So when I was at the mall I got one and drank the whole 20 ounces. Then, I just HAD to call and schedule my hair appointment...I figured I may not get in for a few weeks, so I should get on the schedule. Well, they just so happened to have an opening on Wednesday that would work perfectly with my schedule. SO, with only 2 pounds lost I went and cut off all my hair. While I didn't fulfill my weight loss goal before doing it, cutting it all off did make me feel better. I always feel like a hair cut is cathartic and a way to release negative energy/feelings. And, now, I feel good. How else was I naughty? Another thing I have been trying to avoid consuming is alcohol. Yesterday, however, I also gave into this temptation, with not one, not two, but THREE beers. They were delish and I only feel semi-bad. Finally, the hubs and I agreed to start saving more and going out less. We had been really good about that, but we went out Saturday and then AGAIN last night. I just LOVE going out, but I really do need to be, the $30 we spent on food could have gone towards one of the many cute dresses I have been eyeing. Today, I am back on track. No caffeine. No alcohol. I'm making dinner in the crockpot. I can't really do anything about my hair, but I like it too much to care :).

So, with only 2 pounds lost I still have 13 more to go. Hopefully I don't continue to fall off the "being good" wagon!

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