Wednesday, January 25, 2012

just trying to plan a(n) (infertile) life...

I am stuck in a bit of bind. I am trying to plan my life for the next few months and I'm finding it kind of difficult. If it weren't for this whole TTC/IF/ART thing, it wouldn't be so hard, but because I need to either be near my RE or near my husband for at least one week out of the month, planning trips to visit friends and planning our vacation with my parents is turning out to be a bit tricky. If we had average fertility, I would just have to worry about being around MBL a few days a month.

For starters, I am planning on visiting a good friend in the DC area in March. When I was looking at plane tickets and the ideal time to go, I had to pull out my calendar and try to figure out where I would be in my cycle. Because we're doing IUI with clo.mid/injectables next month, I don't necessarily know what March will look like. And, I work every third weekend. If we decide to throw caution to the wind and go for IUI with injects/clo.mid again in March, then I would need to be near the RE for regular follicle ultrasounds. So, how can I make this work? Deciding it all is making my head spin and my heart hurt. I just want this to be easy.

The next debacle is two fold. I am signed up to run a 25k (15.5miles) in May. I have run this race twice before and this time I am registered to run it with my sister. I want to participate in the race, but I also hope to already be pregnant by that point. If I am not pregnant, however, that means we will also be ramping up for IVF #3 (#1 for baby #2). Our plan has been to do IVF again in May, if I did not get pregnant before then. The race takes place on May 12th. With the way my cycle has been going, I would be on anywhere between cycle day 8-12. If I am on injectables, will my RE let me run? Would I want to take that risk? GAH! If we postpone it and do it in June, then we run into the conflict of a planned trip with my parents. We are visiting this place:

I guess I should just hope that I get pregnant from IUI and don't even have to worry about the whole IVF drama again!

Have you ever run into problems planning trips or other events due to where you are in your cycle? Or due to IF treatment? How did you handle it?


  1. I say forget the race. Your body doesn't need to run AND produce follicles, etc. (just my opinion).

    Speaking of which, would it be possible for you to change the text of your blog from yellow to another darker color? It's hard to read. Thanks!!

  2. My sister just got engaged and when she picks a date, we will need to start planning a trip two states away to attend. I am looking forward to being a part of her big day, but I may be in the same boat as you are now if things don't work out before then!

  3. I'm sorry your dealing with this. I am to and I get it, it sucks! We want to take a cruise but it's hard to do it while your trying to plan around IUI/pregnancy.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog and good luck for your new baby. It is hard to plan around these things, I hope things come together for you.