Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A week and one day after my blood draw, the doc finally called with my AMH results. I was starting to work myself up, so I was really thankful that they called towards the end of the work day today like they promised. The good news is that it is 1.0. Normal is 1.0-3.0. Slightly low normal is 0.7-0.9. My AMH in July 2010 was 0.9. Basically, my fertility is stable at this point, which is a HUGE relief! The nurse said we shouldn't wait around years to try again, but we will likely be able to get pregnant again. I told her we were planning on a May cycle and asked her to check with the doc on what protocol he would use. So...that's where we are with our journey to #2 and IVF.

I finished up my clo.mid for this month and now we are just waiting for our appointment on Friday. I'm assuming the doc will let us do a fresh IUI on Saturday after confirming that my follicles are ready via ultrasound. And I'm sure they are. I only took 50mg of clo.mid, but I'm fairly certain that I have two follies growing and ready for release! I'm training for a 25k and I was unable to do much this evening because my ovaries are so achey. It's confirmed my inclincation to only do this one IUI before doing IVF in May. I'm just not interested in continually having to sideline my training at a 5-15% chance that we'll get pregnant via IUI. And clo.mid is a nasty lady. Mood swings, hot flashes, swollen ovaries, headaches... YUCK!! I'm not trying to make assumptions here, but assuming we are able to get pregnant again, I don't want to still be at this weight and fitness level. Although, maybe this month's chance IUI will do the trick? Then I'll gladly sideline my running :).

Anyone else hate the side effects from fertility meds?


  1. You are a brave lady...trying again with a 7 month old! However, I guess there is something to just getting it all over with. Good luck!

  2. We are just getting started with TTC#2 as well. I did not like how I felt with Clomid - I felt awful! I hope that this cycle works for you!! Good Luck to you!!