Wednesday, December 1, 2010


One of the things I've been wanting to blog about since Saturday is the issue of attachment. As someone who first went through infertility and then held her breath through the first trimester, I have had a really hard time with the reality of this pregnancy. I've heard the baby every day at home from 9w4d and yet it still hasn't hit me that there is a baby in there. Well, it didn't hit me until Saturday. When we went in for the ultrasound, seeing the baby on the screen moving around and dancing made it more real. Then, finding out the gender helped even more. Instead of calling the baby "it" or "he or she", we could now say she/her. Each day I've been realizing a little more that there is a moving/dancing baby inside me and each day I've grown a little more attached to our baby. I even finally filled out the first 11 weeks of our pregnancy in the book I bought two months ago. I think my attachment will only be furthered when I am actually able to feel the baby move around, however, according to the tech I have an anterior placenta and it may be a while before I feel those first few flutters. I really don't anticipate feeing her before 20 weeks.

Moving on, here are the shots of the baby, as promised :).

A 3D picture of our baby with her hands by her face:

We may do another 3D ultrasound around 28 weeks when she should be a little cuter and her face filled out a little more.

And, finally, here is the potty shot:

All of the boy potty shots at 15 weeks that I have seen there is clearly a V shaped protrusion...I'm thinking our baby probably isn't hiding that. it if you're curious!


  1. That looks like 3 lines to me! I'd feel safe calling that a little girl. :-)

    I totally get what you mean about the attachment thing. I feel like really, just in the past few weeks I've been able to seriously picture myself with this baby. He has also been moving a ton lately, and that definitely makes it feel more real. I don't know if I will 100% believe it until he is in my arms though. :-)


  2. Hooray for a precious girl!
    Hopefully seeing the pictures and it sinking in that you know her gender will help you bond and attach to your daughter!

  3. I totally get the attachment issue...I think I felt that way my whole pregnancy...but once my DS came out, it was love at first sight! Although...I will say, my DH and I stare at each other and our DS and can't believe he's ours!!!

  4. Movement and the 10 week u/s where there was a baby shape helped. Movement helps A LOT.

    See, this is why I am not an u/s tech. I see NOTHING identifying in that photo, LOL.