Tuesday, November 30, 2010

one of my fears realized

That post title might be a bit dramatic for what actually happened, but just like some people are afraid of heights, I too have a fear. My fear? Is of throwing up. I hate it. I did everything I could during the first trimester to keep from actually getting sick and it worked out well. I made it all the way to 15 weeks without getting sick. Then, last night? Let's just say it was unavoidable. And I've spent all day in bed or on my butt. I am sicker than I have been in years. At first I thought it was food poisoning, now I'm not so sure. If it's the stomach flu that means this is the second time I've had it in the past month. My immune system is obviously compromised. Being so sick while pregnant is also scary, but thanks to my handy dandy at home doppler, I am able to make sure that the baby isn't too fazed by all of this. If I'm not able to drink more liquids tomorrow I'll call my doc and see if there's anything I need to do to ensure my baby's health.

In other, more exciting news, MBL and I had our fifth ultrasound on Saturday. We paid for an early ultrasound at a place in Chicago and it was the best use of my birthday money ever!! The last time we saw the baby was at 8 weeks and it looked like a blob. A cute blob, but a blob nonetheless. On Saturday, though, it looked like a baby!! And it is inside of me! I drank OJ before the appointment and the baby really liked it. The baby was dancing all around! Even though it wasn't a diagnostic ultrasound, I was able to see that the baby has ten fingers and ten toes and four moving appendages. Even the spine looked great! I think the tech thought I was a bit odd for constantly commenting on how my baby had hands or feet. The main reason we went there was to find out the gender. When the tech first went to look, the baby had it's feet crossed and she couldn't get a good shot. So, she moved along and we enjoyed just seeing the baby move and seeing it in 3D. Then she went back and was able to see the important "parts" in just seconds. MBL wanted to keep it a surprise from me until we got back to my parents for a cake reveal, so I didn't get to see the "parts" during the actual ultrasound. When I asked the tech if she was sure of the sex, she gave me an enthusiastic YES! After a long 20 minute drive back to my parents, the cake was brought up and I cut into to it to see PINK!!! The tech made sure to include a potty shot and after hours of goog.ling 15 week potty shots, I am convinced she made the right assessment. We will still verify the sex at our 20 week ultrasound, but for now we are quite excited for the baby GIRL in my belly!!!

I'll post some shots of our ultrasound session tomorrow because right now I need to get myself to bed and pray I start to feel better soon!

(I should note that the ultrasound place specializes in early gender scans and will not tell you the gender if they are not sure...at 15 weeks they have a 100% success rate. Just in case you were wondering :).


  1. Yay! Congrats! I hope you feel better, though! We have our 20 week scan this week, but the plan is to keep it as a surprise. I am so excited for you!!

  2. Yay! How exciting! I feel like Cate will have a bloggy friend when she's born!

    I really hope you feel better. Stomach viruses are truly awful.

  3. hoping you feel better soon. So glad that things with the baby are going smoothly.

  4. Aww... so sorry you aren't feeling well. Being sick and pregnant is absolutely NO FUN.

    Yay for a little girl!!! :-) Looks like you will get your June.

  5. You're having a daughter! How perfectly delightful.

    I can't believe you waited for the cake. I would have been peeking at the ultrasound display.

    Get well soon, and go see that doctor if you're still feeling unwell.