Friday, November 30, 2012

the big reveal!!

So, MBL and I had a very special Thanksgiving day because we got to find out what baby #2 is going to be! My family ended up "rescheduling" the Thanksgiving meal to Friday, so we decided having our ultrasound on Thursday would be perfect. It was actually quite a fun filled day: we ran a 5k, found out the gender, and spent the rest of the day at the zoo!

With Piper, MBL and my youngest sister found out the gender at the ultrasound and then kept it a secret from me until we were back at my parents' house. Once we got there, I cut into a cake with the right color inside and saw pink. Fast forward 2 years later and I decided it was MBL's turn to be surprised. Things were a little different this time around as I didn't have as much time or energy to think about how to reveal it to MBL, especially after we decided to meet the rest of the family at the zoo immediately after the appointment. I actually didn't realize my lack of a plan until the morning of the appointment--whoops! I gave MBL a few options and we decided that after the appointment we would stop and buy two different flavors of slurpees--one representing girl and the other representing boy. Once we got to the zoo, I would give him a drink of the correct one (with his eyes closed) and he would have to guess which slurpee it was. Sadly, the 711 we stopped at didn't have blue raspberry, so we picked orange for a boy and red for a girl.

Once the whole family was together at the zoo and my sister had my phone to take a video, I held up the correct slurpee to MBL's mouth and he took a drink. The only thing was he couldn't tell what flavor it was! HA! So, I let him taste it one more time and the result was...

Baby #2 is a boy!!! I'm not going to lie, I knew it was a boy all along. MBL comes from a long line of one of each and so it just seemed like we were destined to have a variety! The tech who did our scan says she's 99% sure it's a boy and that you only get to 100% when they come out. During the scan she even turned on the doppler over the umbilical cord to show me that what we were looking at was indeed boy part not the cord. We'll get confirmation in 2 weeks at my official anatomy scan, but there is pretty much no way this little boy is anything else!

We are SO excited to be adding a little boy to our family. My mom raised all daughters and, so far, my sister has all sons, so it's definitely going to be different being a mom raising BOTH genders, but I'm really looking forward to it. I think Piper will be a great big sister to a little brother and I really couldn't imagine it any other way!

When/if you were pregnant, did you have an inclination towards what you were having? Were you right? Did you experience any initial disappointment over what you were having? If you haven't been pregnant (yet), do you have a preference over what you would like to have?


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! :) With my first, I had a boy... and for the first 3 weeks I thought it was a girl... until I had a dream that I was holding a beautiful little boy in my arms, and I immediately knew... and I wasn't sad at all. With my second... I knew before I was pregnant that it would be a girl, I can't really explain why... but I was so sure that I even started buying pink bedding,etc. My husband was very relieved when it was indeed a girl, but I was beyond 100% sure. Never disappointed about gender. They are each a different kind of fun! :)

  2. Oh my goodness so fun!! Congrats on a little guy! Boys are oh so sweet with their mommas! We are a Team Green family and didn't find out the sex. With the 1st, I thought it was a boy, but didn't care either way. It was so fun in the delivery room to find out it was indeed a boy!! Now that we're preggo with #2, we still aren't finding out and I'm torn. Up until a month ago I swore it was a boy, then my face started breaking out and I'm not sure anymore! Obviously, all that matters is a healthy baby, but if I could choose, I'd want a boy for this one since Carter and #2 will just be 13 months apart and then go for a girl with #3! But its all in God's hands :)