Wednesday, April 6, 2011

back at it :)

WOW! I have been a terrible blogger... My apologies for that. I promise to be better. MBL and I have had a busy few weeks and today was the first day in 2 weeks that I've had time to do anything productive. We were on vacation last week (yay!) and although I could have accessed the internet, I took the time away to just relax and do non-online reading. It felt good to be disconnected (for a bit, anyways). I actually read an entire book cover to cover... It's the new novel by Stirrup Queens blogger Melissa Ford and it was the PERFECT vacation read. Seriously, I loved it! I am amazed by how quickly the week went and I cannot believe that I've had two weeks off of work. I am SO not ready to go back tomorrow :(.

Anyways, I will be back to update on our travels and other happenings tomorrow (or Friday), but I want to say that I cannot believe what I came back to find... I am just as disappointed as all of the other IF bloggers over the contest "in honor of" NIAW being put on by PETA. I am seriously disgusted. If you are unfamiliar with what is going on, please visit their website here to read about it. And then you can go to this website to sign a petition against it. As a couple who suffered from male infertility, my husband and I find this "contest" to be particularly distasteful. We did not choose infertility and it is entirely inappropriate for PETA to be linking this contest to a week all about infertility awareness. I would like to write the president a letter, but right now I am too disgusted to form a well written response. So, I am trying to do what I can by informing y'all about it :). If you're curious about the responses other bloggers have received from PETA, you can visit Keiko's or Katie's blog to read more. Unfortunately, PETA sees absolutely nothing wrong with their contest and even goes as far as to say that they need to pull stunts like this to get the publicity they need. They claim it is all for a good cause: encouraging the spaying/neutering of pets to decrease the animal population and the use of euthanasia. I myself have an adopted, neutered dog and fully support that cause, but not at the expense of a human group plagued by a historically misunderstood DISEASE. What disgusts me is the fact that they are perpetuating stereotypes about infertility. They even went as far as to say that infertiles should not try to conceive because the planet is full enough... We should instead adopt, just like people who desire to have pets should adopt them from a shelter. I mean, REALLY??? Adoption of a human is just as simple as the adoption of a pet? MBL and I met our dog on a Tuesday and went to pick him up on Wednesday... Can I expect the same turn around with a human adoption? And while I love my dog dearly, I just think that it devalues humans to compare them to animals.

AHHH!!! Can you tell I'm upset? It just makes my blood boil. I just hope that we as a community can make a big enough deal out of this that they at the very least take out the reference to NIAW. I would really like them to make a formal apology, but I'm not holding my breath...

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  1. I could hardly believe that this was real! How dare they do this! This was obviously created by an exceptionally ignorant human being with no sense of empathy or good judgement. They ONLY good thing that has come of this is the wealth of support that is shown in the comments. Plenty of people are enraged! Thank you for sharing this.