Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today marks 100 days until my due date!! It seems unreal that we have reached this point already. I have been on auto pilot for so many months that I am in utter disbelief that tomorrow we will be in the double digits to her expected arrival. When I realized that this day was coming up, I wrote it in my day planner, our family calendar, and my weekly scheduler. It just seems like such a milestone. How am I celebrating? By working. I am currently on day five of my ten in a row before I get a day off. At least work is slow and I have time to blog :). I'm truly fine with being at work, as long as MBL is at home working on our mile long list of projects! To give you a taste of how we will be spending our next 100 days, here is what we need to get done before our little girl comes into this world:

-We need to prime her room. We bought the paint a few weeks ago, but when MBL went in to do some pre-priming work he discovered that the former owners had painted over wallpaper in just some places in the room... So, he had to scrape and peel and "mud" the walls before he could even consider putting primer up. It was just one more thing in our house that showed us that the people who used to live there were complete morons.
-Next we need to paint her room!! I might actually help with this. I don't mind painting and the process goes by so much faster with two people. I read that I can paint as long as the room is well ventilated and I take plenty of breaks. Considering the fact that I have to pee every 30-45 minutes if I stand for longer than 30 seconds, that shouldn't be a problem. Oh, I should mention that we are painting her room brown, toffee crunch to be exact. Some people may think brown is dull for a baby's room, but I like the mellowness of it.
-After that we will need to put up trim. I don't participate in this process because MBL likes to cut his own and saws scare me.
-Once the trim is up I get to do what I am dying to do right now...DECORATE!!!! Right now her room is such a disaster that I can barely picture it all put together and I so want to see it all ready for our baby. This is another reason I don't mind being at work and not at home... I don't have to look at all that needs to be done and have a panic attack! We have had her crib since August. I actually bought it during our (successful) IVF cycle. They were having a sale where if you bought the crib you got the changing table for free and my mom graciously offered up a $75 gift card towards it's purchase, so we went for it. At that point I figured I'd either get pregnant through our shared risk IVF program or we'd adopt, so there was no way I wouldn't have a use for a crib!! We also already have our bedding. I picked it out early on, it's gender neutral because we're hoping we will be able to use it again. I just *love* all the girl bedding out there, but overall I'm glad we went with something neutral and playful. You can see our bedding here. When we were at IK.EA over Christmas break we also picked out a leaf that will go over her bed and a frog clothes/diaper organizer that we will hang either on the wall or on the back of the door.
-Once I get all of our already purchased items in the room we still need: a rug, a rocker/glider and ottoman, wall decor, and a dresser. So, we don't have a ton to buy, which is nice! Something I really want to do is put her name up on the wall...I will eventually need to pick out the letters/decorations for that.
-Outside of her room we still need to rearrange things in the living room to make it more baby/mom friendly. Right now it is very cluttery and I can't wait to move the big stuff to a more permanent location!!

Other than the above, we don't have too much more that we absolutely *have* to do before she gets here. Don't get me wrong, we still have a lot of projects to do in our house, but that list encompasses all the must haves.

I was getting kind of scared that nesting was never going to kick in, but I think this post proves that I am ready to prepare our house/lives for this little one!!

p.s. MBL and I decided on a name this week! But, I'm a butthead and won't be sharing it until she's born!


  1. Well, I'm hoping part of her name is June!

  2. Ack, I am so going nuts not being allowed to nest. ACK! I can't wait to see pics of what you do in there :) And you have wanted to name her JUNE for ages...really not using that? Now I'm uber curious!!!

    Happy Nesting!

  3. Congrats on hitting 100 days until she is here!! So exciting that you are starting to think about painting and arranging her room!

    Thinking of you - hugs!